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Immigration to Germany

Getting a residence permit in Germany is not an easy task. There are many visas you can apply for and we are here to make this process as quick and easy as possible for you. Be it opening a business, looking for a job, or entering to work, leave the paperwork to us!

Types of Visas you can apply for:

  • Self Employed, Business Owner or Freelancer (§ 21 Residence Act),
  • Blue Card EU (§19 Residence Act),
  • Skilled Workers and employment immigration (§ 18 Immigration Act)
  • Family reunion for spouse or children (§ 29 Residence Act),
  • Entry to look for a job (§ 20 Residence Act),
  • Renewal of Residence Permit,
  • Permanent residence permit (9 Residence Act),

We also help with:

  • Recognition of foreign professional qualification for Medical workers (§ 16 Residence Act)
  • Diploma recognition,
  • Pre-approval by the Federal Employment Agency

Through our know-how and many years of experience, we will help you navigate through your full application process and documentation.

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